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One has a bleak past, the other has a dark future.

Both are owned by a rich widow who breaks, trains, and releases her “rescues” back into society.

Faced with a choice between jail time and rehab, Malek Alvarez picks the no brainer. Except, when he wakes up the next morning drugged, collared, and with a new name, he discovers his error. This isn’t rehab, this is the Kennel, and it’s worse than hell.

As training begins, Malek soon learns that maybe a life of punishment and reward isn’t so bad, especially when his Master is a beautiful woman who doesn’t shy away from his past sins.

Kodi Mason yearns to be more than his Master’s pet. But with time running out, he calls in a favor that drags him down into a dark well of secrets, even as it brings him closer to the woman he loves.

Who is Jasmine Richardson? And where did she learn how to play these twisted games that keep these two men on their knees and begging for more? When ominous letters begin to arrive on her doorstep, her past collides with the present, and throws them all into danger. There’s someone watching and waiting, bewitched by the woman who’s sunken her claws into her newest pets.

With a threat hanging overhead, a future isn’t guaranteed for any of them. But with all that she has to offer, maybe all this risk will be worth a swift end?

This is a dark romance intended for a mature audience. It is a 1st person story with multiple POVs, includes MMF, and a HEA.

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