Summon Us

Daisy Murray was our best friend, the girl of our dreams, and the glue that held us all together.

But our town hosted an evil presence, and it wanted Daisy all for itself.

One night, it took her from us, and she was erased from history.

On the tenth anniversary of her disappearance, we are summoned home—back to the tainted town—by the ghost of the girl we all loved. It should be impossible, but there’s no chance any of us are willing to miss the opportunity to see her again.

The screams of terror. The blood. The heartache…

The girl we knew is gone but the woman who’s taken her place is a bloodthirsty, vengeance-fueled goddess who brings the four of us to our knees. We failed her once, but this time, failing is not an option. Together, we’ll burn the town of Briar Glen to the ground and if that sends us to Hell…

Then the Devil better roll out the red carpet.

This is MFMMM story with multiple POVs and told in 1st person and ends as a HEA

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