Cracked Spines Duet, #1

Not a Peep

Briella Wilson is a quiet librarian who houses two secrets. Both of which could destroy her.

Unfortunately for her, two students that attend the college that she works at—Grant Gipson and Jason Nani—have a taste for forbidden fruit and harbor a dark obsession for their sweet-natured college librarian. Determined to possess her before they graduate, they and their friend Trip Baniker offer her a choice: play their game or they’ll expose what they’ve uncovered about her to the world.

These three young men are twisted, dark, and addictive. Their game brings as much terror as it does pleasure. But toeing that line is dangerous for all of them. Will Briella manage to keep her secrets, and her heart, safe as she’s forced to play their game, or will all four of them find themselves staring down the barrel of a loaded gun?

Not a Peep is a dark romance. It’s a standalone with MMFM and a HFN, written in 1st person.

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